Thursday, 7 April 2011

Surfers Paradise a Perfect Australian Holiday Destination

One of the most striking locations in Australia is the Surfers Paradise. It is a home of serene beaches and lies in the Gold Coast. It has also amusement park and entertainment just perfect for a cheap holidays Australia.
One of the tourist attractions in Surfers Paradise is the Fly Coaster. If you’re adventurous and not afraid of heights this is a perfect activity. First, a maximum of three people are strapped together and lifted to a 12-strorey high structure. Once you reach the top, a lever is pulled taking you to a breathtaking ride to the ground. It is a complete free fall just like bungee jumping but you get to go back and forth to the top.
This is a thrilling experience you would never miss when you visit Surfers Paradise on your cheap holidays Australia.
Aquaduck also offers tours around the place. The tours include a trip around the beaches and shopping stores to the suburbs. You can tour the land or the water. Whale watching is mostly included in cheap holidays Australia packages because this is one of the attractions in Surf Paradise which should not be missed. Visitors will get a closer look of the whales and feel in love with these wonderful creations.
A holiday in Surfers Paradise does not mean an expensive one. There are holiday packages which are cheap and just right for the budget. You can choose low priced hotel accommodations or apartment on your cheap holidays Australia. Usually, cheaper apartments are found much farther along the beach. Expensive accommodations are found near the Surfers Paradise Beach. Nevertheless, wherever your location is, you would still experience the grandeur of this wonderful place in Gold Coast Australia.

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